servicesWe often live from patterns that we formed in our early years that no longer serve us--that become, in fact, the source of our difficulties and pain.  Yet because these patterns are familiar, we cling to them unconsciously.  Therapy can help to uncover these hidden patterns and the inner conflicts that are embedded there. This may bring painful memories and difficult feelings at times, yet it may also bring new energy and creativity, inspiration, hope and a greater connection to your unique sense of purpose and the meaningfulness of your life.

Therapy for Adults

sandI rely on a wide range of treatment approaches in my work with adults, including empathy, active listening, dialogue, insight, active imagination, dreamwork, art, sandplay and role play, depending on what fits best for you. In brief therapy we work to solve an immediate problem or concern.  In longer-term therapy we address entrenched psychological patterns that create suffering or difficulty as well as aspects of your current life that are troubling and in need of change.  Brief or long-term work often involves you making contact with the undamaged, awesome reality and power of your own deep self.

The relationship that we create is likely to be the most important part of your therapy experience. I will meet you with interest and warmth, ready to hear about the questions that puzzle or burden you and to learn about the experiences that have shaped your responses to life.  We will explore together, looking to discover what lies within and beneath your suffering. There may be times that are difficult as well as times of great joy.  Usually this shared exploration into the depths brings unimaginable nourishment and renewal, significant healing, and a new-found sense of inner potential and purpose.